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Who We Are

Arts Integration Schools in Anne Arundel County Public Schools


AI Schools in AACPS

Middle Schools

Bates (Maryland School of Excellence in Arts Education Award Winner!)
Brooklyn Park

Elementary Schools

Crofton Woods
(Maryland School of Excellence in Arts Education Award Winner!)

Lake Shore
Riviera Beach
Seven Oaks (STEAM)


Anne Arundel County Public Schools has designated six elementary schools
and two middle schools as Arts Integration Schools. These schools
are implementing arts integration strategies in all classrooms
and receive support from the county’s Arts Integration
Specialist, Pat Klos.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools Strategic Plan
Arts Integration in the Curriculum
Arts Integration in the Curriculum: Arts Integration (as defined in
Programs of Choice, page 14) has become an essential strategy for
AACPS in connecting 21st century learners to rigorous, relevant,
engaging coursework. As part of a five-year plan of implementation
at the elementary and middle level, curricula will be enhanced
through Arts Integration strategies and techniques. (p. 18)


Professional Development
Professional Development is supported by the Arts Integration
Office at the Board of Education. Arts Integration Specialist,
Pat Klos coordinates a variety of opportunities for teachers to
learn about and immerse themselves in AI. Each of the designated
AI schools have selected two to three teacher liaisons who
receive additional professional development quarterly in a train
the trainer model. [more][1] [2]

BOE Wins Statewide Award for Commitment to
High-Quality Arts Education
The Board of education has been named the winner of
the Arts Education in Maryland School Alliance’s 2011
School Board Recognition Award for “outstanding support
and commitment to high-quality arts education.”

Arts Are Everywhere Gala at Southern MS on May 23
The “Arts Are Everywhere” gala celebrates the many ways in which
the arts enrich a curriculum. The entire school is transformed
into an art gallery, with arts integrations projects in every
discipline and every grade…